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Related article: Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 23:16:57 -0500
From: Sidney Gittler
Subject: Fairy Godfather 5This is a fantasy. It involves sex between teenage boys. If you don't
like that kind of thing, it's illegal in your neck of the woods are your
folks will beat the shit out of you for reading it please move on. If
there's anybody left please enjoy. All comments to sidgcompuserve.com.Thorgil's Boys
Inspired hot tiny hot lolita
by Arne
Story idea by Nate and Kyle
Written by Sid G (c)2000Introduction:
My name is Thorgil and I'm a fairy godfather. Each fairy has an area
of expertise that involves large segments of the population. I have an
interesting assignment.
As you know sexual orientation is something you're born with, but you
have to realize it. My job is to enter the dreams of gay teenage boys who
haven't realized or accepted the fact and through one memorable wet dream
waken them.
The Chief has given me permission to write down some of my cases.Nate's Story This is about a boy named Nate, Nathaniel actually but none of his
friends call him that. At fourteen he's still hairless except for a patch
of brownish blond pubic hair that matches the short cropped hair topping
his sixty-six inches of young hunk. His gorgeous hazel eyes and braces
reflected the western Australian sun into his admirers' eyes. Yes, for the
first time in a long time I've been sent to Perth, Australia.
And russian little lolita nudist the boy had plenty of admirers for not only was he a great kid he
was a star of his school's and state's age group rugby teams. His first
love though was surfing and at every opportunity you could find him at
Cuttlefish Bay in his wetsuit catching as many waves as possible.
Fortunately I don't suffer jetlag because the Chief gave me
seventy-two hours to complete the mission. No, not because I had taken so
much time with Skates but because at the end of that time Nate and his
family were moving to Los Angeles, California and we would lose the window
of opportunity for three years. young preteens lolitas nudes
The only thing I had going for me was a
previous case that I knew would come in handy.
While waiting for my shuttle down to Perth I read and reread Nate's
biography, all right, all right, mostly his pictures. I'm a leg and ass
fairy godfather and always will be. This boy's ass was flat and firm and
his legs were muscular enough to block out two charging backs while passing
the ball off. Not much of a tan line on his bronzed body. Actually, some
areas were just more tanned than others were.
I watched him the first day as he helped his parent's finish packing
up the house. He was a lot more cooperative than most teens whose world
was being turned upside down.
That evening he went over to his best mate's house for what he thought
was going to be a final quiet evening together and turned out to be a
surprise farewell party with tons of friends and classmates there to wish
him well. Among the presents was a special scrapbook with all the articles
about his rugby and surfing competitions. The second half of the book had
pictures of everybody there with their names, addresses and email addresses
underneath followed by a small handwritten note.
"Thanks everybody, I'll never forget you, or this. Even if we are
moving to a different planet day after tomorrow." Everybody laughed. "I
promise, once I get my internet account I'll email everybody so we can keep
in touch and maybe even chat online if we can figure out the timing. I
love you." With that Nate turned and started crying.
After the party I learned how easy assignment was going to be. When
everybody else had gone Nate, Alex, Charles and Bobby, whose house it was,
went down to the basement for a sleepover.
Nate led the way down the stairs and when he turned towards the
playroom he found another boy there. Bruce had been at the party but had
been among the first to say goodbye, and now the first out gay boy Nate had
ever known was standing in front of him in his birthday suit. Bruce is
thirteen, blond hair in a sort of a bowl cut and looks hairless, and shaves
his balls and pubes off.
"I thought you went home, what are you doing here?"
Bruce walked up and pecked Nate on the lips while grabbing the guests
of honor's cock. "Well, when Bobby invited me lolitas pre teens naked to the party I suggested a
special going away present."
Nate felt his member growing. "And what kind of present is that?"
"You'll see," Bruce said as he started unbuttoning Nate's shirt.
Bruce started licking Nate's penny-sized nipples as they became exposed and
they quickly hardened. Nate slipped the shirt off and kicked his shoes off
as Bruce worked on his zipper.
"Oh, a free baller," Bruce sighed as the pants fell and were kicked
off. "Saves so much time. Me, I wish I never had to wear clothes."
"Considering you're still wearing your ten-year-old school uniforms
you almost don't."
"Eleven, but underage lolita bbs cp I'm glad you like them," Bruce said, grabbed Nate's hard,
uncut seven-inches and led him to a huge beanbag chair and pushed Nate down
into it.
Now that he was facing them he saw his three mates had stripped and
were slowly stroking their cocks.
Bruce knelt down and started licking Nate's cock. It didn't take long
for the precum to start flowing and the boy to lick it up.
"Oh yeah, keep it up," Nate moaned.
The boy started sucking on the cock in front of him, deep throating
the seven inches with ease. Twice he brought his friend to the edge and
then backed off. The second time he pulled off completely.
"You're not stopping, You can't!" Nate moaned.
"I'm not, just let me wrap this down your man cock and I'll continue."
Gently Bruce rolled the condom over Nate's penis and spread some lube over
it. "Now don't do a thing mate.
Bruce straddled Nate, took hold of the stiff rod and placed it at his
hole and slowly sat on it.
"Oh fuck, I can't believe you're letting me do this," Nate gasped.
"Just wanted to give you something to really remember me by," Bruce
said and bent down and kissed Nate again, but a little harder.
"Damn fucking right, you've got a hot ass mate. Work my cock."
It didn't take long, or at least it didn't seem that way before Nate
thrust his hips up and his
cock deep into Bruce and shouted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming up your hot
ass."When Nate settled back down he opened his eyes and saw Bruce smiling.
He also saw him stroking his own cock. Nate removed Bruce's hand and
started jerking the boy off while his own cock remained embedded in Bruce's
"You don't have to do this," Bruce said.
"Good, I want to," Nate said and continued stroking till Bruce moaned
and shot a huge load all over Nate's face and chest. Seconds later Nate
felt three more loads spray him and he looks up to see his other three
mates standing there finishing their wanks.
Bruce slowly stands and there's a loud pop when Nate's slowly
softening prick little young lolitas models pops out. "I think I'd better get those towels," Bruce
said, wiggled his ass and walked around the corner.
"Man, he's got a hot pussy," Nate said.
"Wait to you try a real one," Alex said.
"From what they say about those LA girls I'll have three the first day
of school," Nate said.
"Only if you pay them," Charles said and got Nate's cum drenched teen hentai lolita sex towel
in his face as rebuttal.
The five boys remained naked as they talked for a bit before slipping
into their sleeping bags. Nate found himself staring at Bruce as he
drifted off to sleep. The next day was his last full day before the plane and after a lot of
begging and pleading his mother agreed to let him take the bus to the beach
for a last go at the waves. One of things Nate really liked was nobody
objected to him lugging his board onto the bus, as long as he was careful.
There was an empty bench so he had plenty of room for his board and he held
it in place as he silently rode down to the beach for the last time.
Once there he stripped down to his Speedo and put his wetsuit on in a
flash and ran into the waves. The line was forming about fifty feet out
and the waves started about ten feet high. The surfer boy emerged and Nate
was pulling every competition maneuver he knew, and some that would have
gotten him kicked out of contests.
After a few hours he felt tired and took his board to a secluded
stretch of sand on the north end of Cuttlefish Bay. He stripped the
wetsuit off and lay on top of the board. When he fell asleep I decided the
time was ripe for the big dream. Nate was sitting on his surfboard a hundred yards from shore keeping
his eye out for a big wave to carry him all the way in. Realizing he was
naked he looked around and saw he was alone. While he waited he gently
stroked his rising cock while thinking how good it felt inside of Bruce's
mouth and ass.
"G'day mate," a voice called and Nate dropped his cock and looked
around. Next to him was a boy about his own age and size he'd never seen.
The boy's long blond hair was sun bleached almost white, muscular with a
good six-pack, and a six-inch uncut cock. Nate jerked his head: the boy
was as naked as he was, and as hard.
Nate saw the boy had stuck his hand out and finally took it. "I'm
"Dolphin," the stranger replied.
The boy shrugged, "I'm a mammal who lives in the water. I'm sorry I
interrupted your fun."
"What? Oh the wank, that's OK I was just waiting for a good wave."
"Like that one?" Dolphin said and began nudest family lolita daughter to stand, hard rod pointing
the way to shore.
Nate leaped up and saw his cock was still hard and getting harder as
he got a good look at the new boy's ass. "See you on shore."
Nate kept one eye on Dolphin. Kid sure knew how to ride. Out of the
corner of his eye he saw the wave dip unexpectedly and saw Dolphin adjust
faster than he did. After a hot ride they hit the beach together and
walked up to where Nate had his stuff.
They put their boards on the sand and sat on them.
"You know, I really am sorry about interrupting naughty preteen lolita stories
your wank before,"
Dolphin said.
"So how are you going to make it up?" Nate found himself asking.
"This." Dolphin slid over onto Nate's board, took hold of Nate's cock
and after a couple of strokes swallowed it.
"Oh shit," Nate moaned and let the pleasure flow threw him. This was
even hotter than the night before with Bruce.
Nate looked around and saw Dolphin's hard cock inches in front of his
face. Without thinking he reached out and started stroking it. After a
couple of minutes a drop of precum leaked out. Nate reflexively licked it
up and let it roll around on his tongue, savoring the salty-sweet taste.
When the next drop came out he licked it before tasting a cock for the
first time.
Dolphin gently thrust his hips, sliding the rest of his cock all the
way into Nate's mouth. And Nate welcomed it and started duplicating what
the other boy was doing. In the small part of his mind not absorbed by
lust he realized he liked cock sucking, and that his cock was bigger,
thicker and hotter than any wank or even Bruce's efforts.
Nate felt the cock in his mouth begin to throb and sped green girl pics lolita up his sucking
motion. A groan reached his ears a second before Dolphin unloaded down his
throat and he reciprocated. Nate sat up, as he felt his sperm land on his stomach. He watched the
largest orgasm of his life continue to coat his face and stomach. He saw
his Speedo pushed down to his knees though he didn't remember doing it.
"Man, I hope I find a mate like Dolphin in Los Angeles," Nate said as
he kicked his Speedo the rest of the way off and ran into the ocean for the
final time.Follow-up:
The move lolitas pre teens naked went smoothly, and so did Nate's coming out to his parents.
They were more surprised at the timing than anything, but Nate explained
that he'd decided to start his new life honestly.
He started attending a small private school that even had a
gay-straight student alliance group. There were a lot of cute, friendly
boys but no one special. Two months after the flight over the cargo ship with their things
showed up and that Saturday found Nate outside in his Speedo cleaning and
waxing his surfboard.
"Hi, you a surfer?" A voice called and Nate turned toward the street.
"Yes," Nate started and stared. The boy on the bike had long blond
hair, racing shorts and an open short-sleeved shirt covered with dolphins.
"Are you Nate, that new boy at school?"
Nate nodded.
"My name's."
"Dolphin," Nate said. "You're real."
The boy got off his bike, walked up to Nate and kissed him on the
lips. "Yeah, I'm real and I'm so glad you are too."
"I'm almost finished with the board, want to hang around and I can
show you the house."
"Only one room I'm interested in," Dolphin said and groped Nate."
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